Looking at these, Britghton already looks so different! He is huge compared to these, so I will have to try and do another post of more recent pics, it still feels like it is January and I just had him, so really I don't feel that behind but I know I am! Here are some from his first few weeks at home:

Annie loves to hold him!

She is a proud big sister.

Jensen loves him so much too, he tells me "Brighton's my friend".

Silly boy

1, 2, and 3.

No, we don't let the baby sleep with Jensen. Daddy just posed him for
a cute picture. This was one of Brighton's very first smiles.

Jensen so tired he fell asleep reading. He loves cuddling up to a good book in bed :)

Brighton caught sucking his thumb. He doesn't do this anymore, or at least not yet!

Sleeping with Daddy

She can't stay away. She loves him so much! It was hard for to learn to give
Brighton some space, she still is learning that everyday.

Jensen would not cooperate and scoot down :)

First bath. He liked it, of course.

After bath - not so much. He just cried till he was once again dressed.

What a cute boy, so peaceful. He has since grown too big for this basinet,
so he is now in his own room in his own crib. Wow, time goes by so fast!
He likes being able to have lots of room though.
Aaaggghh! I just love him.

Annie practicing her tumbling, trying to do her horsey kick/hand stand.
She has gotten so much better at this in the past little while.
Probably cause she been so bored stuck in the house cause mommy
has a new baby :)
Weird pose for the camera :)

And this is where Jensen spends a lot of his time lately -- in the corner.
He has not handled the lack of attention as great, and has really been a
bully lately. Hitting, pushing, tackling, fighting, biting and
jumping on Annie are just a few reasons why he gets sent there.
His daddy needs to wrestle him more to let out this aggression with
someone who will enjoy it!
He is still a cute boy though, with goofy smiles!


deveney said...

what a cutie! Can't wait to meet him. Love you guys!

MERN said...

SQUEAL!!! I love you guys!! :) Jensen is a cutie and Annies horsey kick looks great! I remember when she was first learning! sigh..

Meagan said...

Cute pictures! Brighton is such a chunker. Such a little cutie. Glad you guys came over last weekend so we could meet him!

Jess said...

All of your kids are cute!!

Rich'n'Rach said...

So cute! We can't wait to see you guys in July!

doodlebug said...

The picture where Jensen is in bed reading/sleeping totally reminded me of when Tyson was little! Totally a blast from the past!