More Recent Pictures of Brighton

After doing that last post I realized that Brighton looks nothing like any of those pictures, so here is what he looks like now at 2 months. It has been about 3 weeks since these were taken and he has already gotten bigger since.
Love that face! He is probably deep in thought :)

He would not cooperate for this picture. He kept trying to turn and eat Tyson's hand.

Daddy loves to play

Trying to get him to smile. They always stop when you get the camera.

Another deep in thought moment

I love it that he has some chunk to him! Annie and Jensen were thin and skinny which was nice because they were easy to carry around. I already think Brighton is getting heavy to carry in his car seat. At his 2 month he weighed 13 lbs, 5 oz! I think that is what my other kids probably weighed at like 5-6 months :)


Matt and Liz said...

oh he's so cute!

deveney said...

Wow! That first picture is so HAWS! He's a cutie :)

Yolanda said...

FINALLY!!!! No one appreciates these pictures like I do...and there were so many! Thank you thank you thank you. Keep em comin! I'm so suprised at what Brighton looks like, he doesn't look anything like when he was born! I can't even tell who he looks like now which is strange for a Haws baby. Whatever, he's cute! And I love that he's got some pudge! Kiss him for us.

Jordan + Amber + Camryn said...

He is so cute! and getting so big already! Can't believe how much time has gone by!

Elise and Dan said...

Congrats Kim!! He is such a sweet baby boy! Isn't chub the best? All my kids have had their fair share of chub!