Christmas Time...

So, I figured I better do a post of all our Christmas memories now, before the baby comes or it will never happen! So, even though it is late here are some of the things we did this past Christmas Season. It was a wonderful Christmas and we had so much fun with the kids this year. They get into it more and more every year. This year they especially loved all of the Christmas songs. They both loved and still love the song, Santa Claus is Coming To Town. I think it is one they will be singing all year long - they at least haven't stopped yet. They were so sad when we took down our Christmas tree and our decorations, and look forward to next year already!

Sharing some Cocoa.
It was funny because neither of them wanted the other to get more than them so they both drank really fast :)
Some pics from our Christmas Card:
Annie trying to get Jensen to Smile!

Tyson did a great job on the Tumbleweed Man!

They were so excited to see Santa Claus this year. This was the first year they did it together without one of them crying in the picture. Jensen ran right up to him and asked for a Dinosaur and Annie was a little more shy but still followed and told him she wanted a Scooter.

Dressing Up for our Ward Christmas Party

Nice tie :) Unfortunately we were late for church so we just got the one picture, oh well.
Christmas with the Haws Family:

Annie showing off a present she has wanted for a long time

We all had so much fun doing a mock Christmas morning with the Haws Family a week before Christmas. Our kids got so many toys they thought Christmas was over!

Waiting for their Christmas Pajamas - I didn't get them wrapped.

Jensen caught peeking at a present

Setting a plate of goodies out for Santa. Annie insisted that Santa didn't want milk, but instead wanted Hot Cocoa so that is what he got.

Sleeping side by side Christmas Eve

Jensen was so excited to get a dinosaur that roars!

Annie and her new scooter

One of their favorite toys - now they are actually allowed to fight each other. Jensen always goes and gets the swords and takes them to either Annie or Daddy asking for a fight.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season like we did!


Smith Family said...

I still have yet to get our Christmas pictures off our camera, so you're ahead of me! We LOVED your Christmas card! You guys are so creative! I can't believe you only have 2 weeks left! You look great!

Lindsey Haws said...

So fun! All the pictures are so adorable!!!

deveney said...

I love the tumbleweed man! It's perfect :) Glad you had a great Christmas. It was fun to see your family the other night!

Yolanda said...

Thanks for posting! I always check and am usually disappointed. :) Your red wall looks fabulous! That must have taken forever! And I love your curtains too, did you make them with Melissa or something? Love them. We just broke out Steve and I's old scooters for the boys to ride in the basement and they love them, Annie would have a blast riding hers with them if she were here! There's lots of basement space to ride! Your nativity picture is pretty hilarious, mostly your belly is hilarious. :) And also, this is long, I meant to tell you that we loved your creative Christmas card! One of a kind that's for sure! The boys were cracking up at your tumbleweed man, very nice job. Our SNOWman lost his head once due to warmer weather, but I built him a new one and he still stands...it's been llike a month I think since we built him. Anyways, try not to completely stop blogging once the baby comes. WE need updates....really bad.