Halloween 2009

I know its late but here are pics from Halloween. The kids had so much fun dressing up and getting free candy. They were good about saying Trick or Treat really loud, but not so good at only taking one piece of candy. Annie would sometimes tell people she didn't want the kind they gave her and just grab one for herself. Of course they always said it was fine and thought it was cute - I felt bad though! :) Jensen got really tired by the end but he would not let me hold his bucket of candy for one second. He just dragged it along.

Buzz and Cinderella - Two of their favorite things!

Jensen and cousin Jason as Woody - we told them to put their arms around each other like they were friends but this was all we got.

Annie and cousin McKenzie as Sleeping Beauty. Cute Princesses!

Annie was always in the lead, we had to keep telling her to slow down.

And Jensen was always last, but he wanted no help carrying that pumpkin full of candy.

They were tired by the end, but loved all those treats. Annie loved lining them up and organizing them into nice neat piles.


Yolanda said...

WOW! It is really really weird seeing everyone...they're growing so fast, for real! I hardly recognized McKenzie at first with her straight hair and Jason...whoa it's weird to see him standing by himself. It's almost hard to look at everyone, I almost don't like it. Annie with her straight hair...darling. I'm sad.

Lindsey Haws said...

OH my goodness they were so cute!!! Annie's costume turned out adorable!!