Halloween and Thanksgiving 2011

Its almost Christmas, but we had so much fun on Halloween and Thanksgiving that I had to share!! We love dressing up, and we wanted to do it altogether as a family this year. Annie went as an ASU cheerleader, Jensen was a football player, Brighton was the mascot Sparky, I was the Referee, Tyson was the coach, and little Ridge was the football. It was so much fun...

Tyson's awesome pumpkin!!!!

I love it that Annie's candy is all in a row (she loves organizing!) and I love it that I caught Tyson's face! Can you tell we were exhausted?

Our little team

We met with all the cousins for a giant trick or treating group. They all loved it! Brighton was a trooper. He loved holding on to his treats and hardly ever let me help him with his pumpkin. Both Annie and Jensen got so tired by the end, they could hardly walk.


We had a great Thanksgiving this year too! We ate at Aunt DeAnn's and we loved it! The food was yummy and the company was great!!
You can't expect him not to climb on something like this, its just not possible.

What is Thanksgiving without a little football right?
Brighton agreed...it was delicious!

Ridge doesn't care for football yet, but he was cute hangin out with Daddy.

We have so much to be thankful for, and we loved celebrating Gratitude on Thanksgiving and all month long. I hope we can continue to live with a thankful heart all throughout the year, because the blessing of being grateful truly enriched and helped our family so much! We tried focusing on everything we have and it helped us to be so much happier. Life seemed so much easier, and we were blessed even more.

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deveney said...

Loved reading this post. It reminds me of President Monson's talk, "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." It's a good one, and one that gets me thinking that I need to show more gratitude in my life.