First Day of School...

Well this certainly was not an easy day for me. I couldn't believe, and still can't believe that my little baby is going to school everyday!!!! She of course loves it! We had so much fun going school shopping before hand. That was probably our favorite part ;) Then of course we had to lay everything out and make lots of outifits on her bed. She chose her favorite for the first day:
Off we go:

She was only a little nervous, not as much as me!!!
It was so crowded with so many parents...
And off she goes
I was fine and calm till a little boy by her started freaking out, then for some reason I started to cry with him :'( then I looked around and saw that almost all the moms were wiping tears so I didn't feel so bad. She has done so well in school and she loves it so much!!! I know that she is going to continue to do great. It is soooo hard to think that next year I have to do it all over again with Jensen starting Kindergarten!!!!!

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deveney said...

What a cute little kindergartner! (sp?) :) Hang in there, mom ;)