Jensen turned 3...

Back in June our little Jensen who is not so little anymore, turned 3 years old. It seems like it was not that long ago that I would find him doing things like this: He has always been a typical little boy and has loved to go exploring and do things that he probably shouldn't do :)

I love it that he has always been a little cuddler. If he sees me or Tyson lay down to take a nap or rest he runs over and lays down wanting to cuddle with us. I love it that he loves his family so much!

I also love it that he truly LOVES chock - wit (as he calls it). Just like his mommy!

And of course I love his big goofy smile! If you have ever asked him to say cheese - you know this is what you get.

Since January, after going to his cousin Savannah's Birthday party Jensen has been obsessed with Birthdays. He waited very impatiently for his to arrive and when it was finally here he was just so happy. His party was a week after his actual b-day, so he thought the celebrating just went on and on.

We had my family's monthly gathering on his b-day so he got even more presents that day. Here is a picture of one of his cousins, Branson. He was so mad because he wanted one of Jensen's presents but Jensen was not about to share what he had just got.

For his Birthday Party we had a bunch of different water activities in our backyard. It was so much fun for all the little kids.

And here is the cake...
Jensen wanted a spaceship for the longest time and that is what I made him on his b-day, but then we were at the grocery store and he saw a baseball hat cake. He loved it and asked for that instead. So that is what he got. He still talks about his hat birthday and asks for another one.

In Heaven:) He was just so excited that all of the presents were actually for him. He loved them all!

Happy Birthday! He has not stopped talking about his Birthday since then. He is already asking about next year :) I can't wait to see him at Christmas.

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