Tumbling Recital and Fathers and Sons

Jensen before he went on stage. He is so outgoing I wasn't nervous at all about him doing what he was supposed too. He was not scared at all and he did great.
Annie kept doing weird poses - she was so excited to perform. I was so surprised that she wasn't nervous or scared at all. She and Jensen both loved being on stage.

Cute pals

Annie doing her dance- she remembered it so well! We couldn't get a good picture of Jensen doing his but he did great too!

Annie got flowers when she was done - Jensen got a new Buzz Lightyear toy. They were so cute and we were proud of both of them.

Fathers and Sons:

Jensen waiting patiently to catch a fish.

He actually ended up catching two! Tyson didn't catch any so Jensen was pretty proud of his Lightning McQueen Fishing Pole. He loved it, but apparently he didn't love the flopping fish so much :) He was a little scared of them.

Worn out after a fun trip with Daddy.

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Brianne said...

They are the cutest kids!