Annie and Jensen had so much fun playing soccer this Spring. They did really well, and they can't wait for it to start again this Fall...
Brighton had fun too. He kept getting into things like always.

Annie made some great friends.

Of course it was too tempting to not stop and pick at the grass in the middle of the game.

Jensen was amazing! He scored lots of goals because he was so focused. I was so surprised because he normally is the exact opposite. He would go after the ball and then he knew exactly where he needed to go.
After every time he scored he did a little hop dance to celebrate. It was so cute! This is him trying to give Daddy a thumbs up. He has a hard time remembering which ones are his thumbs. I think he's trying really hard to remember :)
Jensen and his buddy Chase. They were so happy to get to play on the same team together.
Annie had so much fun too. She did great, but she was too nice sometimes and didn't think it was fair to go take the ball away from someone else.

Great job guys!

I think they're going to love soccer as much as their Daddy!


Smith Family said...

Jensen was really amazing! I hope Sophie is on the same team as one of your kids in the fall! Are you going to do T-ball?

Chris and Kristen said...

Cute kids! I just love Annie's dance outfit. Too cute!