Double Post

New Bed!
This past week we decided to move Brighton out of the crib in the nursery and into Jensen's room. Back when Brighton was born Tyson made him a bed that also converts into a bookshelf. We have been using it as his dresser so Tyson converted it back into a bed and so far he has loved it!
Fast AsleepThis morning we entered his room and here is where we found him...
Swimming Lessons!!
We decided to do swimming lessons early this year so it would be out of the way when the baby comes. My sister new someone who did lessons in a heated pool so it worked out perfectly. Taryn was a great teacher and Annie and Jensen both progressed a lot this year.
Annie still found a way to be cold even though the pool water was warm.
Jensen loved the water and came such a long way this year.
Before this Annie would not let her face get wet so I was thrilled and amazed.
Jensen working on his kicks. That's the one area he struggled.
Warming up in the sun. Now we just need to keep going to the pool so they don't forget what they have learned!

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Chris and Kristen said...

Smart with the swimming lessons! I wish I was brave enough to get in the cold water to do it! Cute bed by the way!