Summer Vacation Part One...

IDAHO: We were excited to get to come to Tyson's Grandparents Family Reunion (MEP) this past summer. We had tons of fun in Idaho like we always do.
The biggest dandelion Annie had ever seen.
Camping just isn't camping without a hammock for Daddy

I love this smile

Rafting with Daddy. They were a little scared at first as you can tell by their faces. They overheard Tyson telling me the raft was a little deflated so I think they were nervous they'd go in the water.

They eventually got used to it and liked it.

They stopped on a little "Island" to go exploring. Tyson didn't notice Jensen needed help but Annie is such a sweet big sister she came back to save him.

Annie just loves her Grandmas! I didn't get a picture of her and her Great Aunt Phyllis but she loved her! She followed her around and always wanted to be right by her. She said Phyllis could be her other Grandma.

After Camping we spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Jensen's House. We love you guys!

Of course we can't stay at Grandpa's house without visiting the farm in his backyard.

They thought it was so funny when the cows moooooed at them.

Annie is asking to go up to the higher one right next to them. I think Jensen is high enough :)

The perfect way to end our trip to Idaho, Ice Cream with Grandpa.


MattnLiz said...

how fun

Chris and Kristen said...

I love camping! That is awesome that you take a hammock. My brother-in-law was mentioning to us this year about how cool it would be have a hammock when camping. I agree, that would be cool. I can't believe your kiddos went swimming in Idaho! That would be so cold! I sure wouldn't be anywhere near the water. Funny how we get acclimatize to where we live isn't it?

Jordan + Amber + Camryn + Brighton said...

I LOVE THAT YOU WERE IN IDAHO! :) haha jk but Seriously.. lol
Congrats on the news of another little one! It's only fair you keep adding cute kids to the world ;) hehe
LOVED Jensen's face in the raft & Annie is such a good sister to go back and save him. So cute. Miss you guys!