4th of July

I know that its late but here's our 4th of July pics. We had such a great weekend in Eagar! The kids loved the parade, especially getting to run into the street to get candy. Thanks to Uncle Preston for helping them get some before the big kids did! We had a great lunch afterwards at Aunt Kathy's and then of course a BBQ for dinner. The fireworks were great but our kids were so worn out from the day that they couldn't last! It was a wonderful weekend and we are so grateful for the freedoms we have and this wonderful country that we live in! Happy late 4th of July everyone!!

Ready for a fun day

I love this picture

Where's the candy?

I got some Mommy!

Jensen wanted to stop and see the horse

Getting ready for the show!

Such a fun day - they just couldn't make it.


MarjAnn said...

The pictures of them asleep are just darling!

Matt and Liz said...

cute pics. eagar is the best place to spend the fourth
your hair looks cute straight