Labor Day!
Tyson's family has a tradition of always going and hauling wood on Labor Day. Since Preston was getting ordained as an Elder this same weekend we were able to participate this year! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! Here's Annie and Jensen as we started to fill up the 2nd load!Annie, Jensen, and cousin Max hitting a log! They were determined to split it like their daddies.
On Second thought....maybe we should let daddy do it!
Jensen loves sticks! Every time we go camping he carries around stick after stick the entire time.
Annie and cousin Chloe did their share of helping too!
Jensen and Daddy decided to take a break while they backed the truck up to another pile of wood.


buddyandsarahaws said...

It's fun when the kids can get together and play. We should try to get together again at the park or something.

Darbi & Chris said...

Oh, how cute is your little family. I love the hair on them. So beautiful.